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Our Story


In the beginning... 

Live Love SUP started as a simple photo blog. A way to document our Stand Up Paddle Board adventures around the world. We started paddling after moving to the United Arab Emirates in 2009 and instantly, like many others, fell in love with it! We founded a club in Abu Dhabi and have passionately been promoting SUP ever since to practically everyone one we meet. This passion has grown into so much more and taken us literally all around the world. Check out the original blog in the very early days.  

Around the world...

With our home countries in Australia and the US, we have enjoyed traveling near and far and with each destination usually one question is asked, where can we SUP? As the sport has exploded around the world, finding somewhere to paddle has become quite easy. We have already enjoyed paddling in 25 different countries from Hong Kong to Slovenia, Italy and Mexico, a number of cities and on plenty of oceans, lakes, rivers, harbors and even some artificial waves too! Check out our Live Love SUP Destination Map. We not only love discovering new places from a different view, but we also enjoy meeting the amazing people who love SUP just as much as we do along the way.​ English may not be the same first language we all share, but we definitely speak the same language of SUP! 

Since 2012...all together

We have embraced these three words and want other stand up paddlers to embrace Live Love SUP too. With a desire to unite the global SUP community and together make a difference, we knew we could do more than just a blog! Establishing Live Love SUP as a brand with a charitable focus and a vision to make a difference is something that we have made a reality since 2012.

With the encouragement from friends, family and members of the SUP community we are super stoked how Live Love SUP has grown across the globe and the future is bright! We are proud to have had so much support across the SUP world in our community giving projects with charity:water, fundraising efforts, local SUP events to spread paddling and of course wearing our Stand Up Paddle branded apparel and goods globally. 

Thousands of paddlers have proudly worn their Live Love SUP wristbands and could not have been more thankful for the huge support for the wristband project for charity: water. Numerous fundraisers and events later, Live Love SUP has been able to contribute just $14,000 to 10 clean water projects from Mali, Malawi to Kenya and Peru. This has helped provide clean drinking water to over 500 individuals that have changed their lives and the lives of their families for generations to come. This has all been possible through the support of the amazing stand up paddle community.

Live Love SUP expanded into apparel along the way selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and other branded goodies as paddlers around the world, from 34 countries jumped on board to share the stoke of this great sport. 

After paddling in 25 countries and meeting endless SUP clubs and paddlers from around the world, Live Love SUP has created a global reach, which has felt more like finding a close knit family. New friends in each destination have built relationships that will continue to last a lifetime. That is the magic of SUP and something that we are so incredibly grateful and fortunate to continue to experience.



Fast-forward to today - 2021 and we have expanded our SUP family, which now includes our daughter Mackenzie and son Parker. They have brought the biggest Joy to us over the last 5 years and our love of the water will surely rub off on both of them. While, we have been busy figuring out how to be parents and smother them with love, we admit, Live Love SUP has been growing slower than we'd like! However, just as they are growing, so does the passion to continue to build the Live Love SUP brand, connect communities and share this great sport with more people around the world. Plus we have so many new places to discover with our family and continue to share a life of adventure all together.


Looking into the future...

Now, looking forward! The future is bright. We are excited to be launching a new website, focusing on lot of new great new products including SUP apparel and good as well a collection of Stand Up Paddle Art: Prints and Posters and SUP paddle jewelry! We're excited at new projects taking shape and plenty of new ideas!

We’re also excited to keep connecting with the SUP community and meet new paddlers along the way! Future collaborations, a commitment to sharing this sport with as many new people as we can and jumping all in to follow a passion that so many share – we would love you to join us for the journey!  

After more than a decade of stand up paddling, it’s been amazing to see the sport grow, but also realize there is so much more in front of us. We know this to be true as even today, each time we pick up our board and paddle, it’s as exciting as the first time we took that first stroke.

Live Love SUP – it’s more than just a board and a paddle, it’s a lifestyle shared together, forever.


united in SUPport,


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