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“It’s More Than Just a Board and a Paddle, It’s a Lifestyle"

Welcome to Live Love SUP, where the passion for stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) has been at the heart of my journey since 2009! More than a decade later, SUP is still such a huge part of my life and sharing it with others keeps me creating, dreaming and living the SUP lifestyle.

Live Love SUP began as a travel blog dedicated to the incredible world of SUP, transforming into a brand in 2012. I've poured my heart into curating uniquely designed products tailored to the stand up paddler - individuals like you who share the same enthusiasm for the many different SUP disciplines.

What started as a small venture has evolved into a global community of SUP enthusiasts, and I am truly humbled by the support we've received. I've had the privilege of teaching thousands how to paddleboard, traveling to SUP in 30 different countries, participating in races across the globe and witnessing the universal excitement, appreciation, and gratitude for the sport that brings us together.

At Live Love SUP, we believe it's more than just a board and a paddle – it's a lifestyle, a community, and a shared passion. Our tagline resonates with paddlers worldwide, and I love hearing the many reasons why. From our humble beginnings selling charity-focused wristbands for charity:water to introducing branded goods and apparel, we've constantly evolved to offer products that paddlers love to wear both on and off the water.

SUP Jewelry Collection

Our SUP jewelry has become a very special part of the brand more recently and something that I love designing and creating. Crafted with lots of love, our high-quality sterling silver pieces are not just accessories; they're a connection piece to your identity as a paddler. Our jewelry is a reminder of who you are, what you love, the memories you have made and the adventures you will take.

As an American living on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, I am thrilled to connect with you through our products. Having fallen in love with stand-up paddling 15 years ago while living in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, I still love the feeling of 'walking on water’ today. SUP can take you to amazing destinations right in your own backyard or further afar.  I’ve had the amazing opportunity to surf in Costa Rica, Hawaii and Portugal, do white water rivers in Switzerland, paddle the canals of Venice and Amsterdam, the backwaters of Kerala in India and many places in between recreationally and for races as well. This sport has been a constant in my life, and I am confident it holds a special place in your heart too no matter where you are in your SUP journey. 

Live Love SUP encourages you to keep exploring – both within yourself and the world around you – through the experiences SUP brings. Paddling is a gift that keeps on giving, offering adventure, freedom, newfound confidence, and the beautiful connections that are born from the SUP community.

Thank you for being part of the Live Love SUP family.

Happy paddling,

Jen Scully

Founder of Live Love SUP