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8 ways to have fun with your “SUPERDAD” on board your SUP this summer!

8 ways to have fun with your “SUPERDAD” on board your SUP this summer! - LIVE LOVE SUP

Jennifer Scully |

He’s your one and only and remember of course he has SUPer powers – to all those SUPer Dads out there this Father’s Day, here’s a special one for you including Live Love SUP’s very own SUPer Dad, Nick, father to Mackenzie 3 years old and Parker 8 months. We couldn’t imagine our little @theSUPfamily without you and look forward to many SUPer Adventures in the future all together. 

8 ways to have fun with your “SUPERDAD” on board your SUP this summer!

Whether you share a board or everyone has their own, get out and have some fun. SUP is “More Than Just a Board and a Paddle” – make your own memories together no matter their age. It’s about spending time together and on the water is even better.

Have you ever tried these? Any other ides, share and comment below!

S - Sing

Get the boards on the water, bring a waterproof speaker, your phone and get the music playing. Sing along as you paddle and let the music set your free and if you don’t have tunes playing, go acapella. “Free Fallin’” anyone?

U - Use 2 Paddles

If you share a board, Dad might stand while the kids sit on front. Be sure to grab a 2nd or 3rdpaddle, invest in a kids adjustable paddle if you don’t have one. Everyone stands up and paddles together. You’ll go faster and have more fun working together. The front leads, which means kids are in charge!

P - Picnic

Take a drybag and pack and picnic. This can be simple – just make some PB and Jelly Sandwiches. Then paddle out and have a picnic on the board together! Maybe there’s an island you can paddle to? If so, bring a blanket, a frisbee, your picnic and enjoy a few hours just Dad and the kids.

E - Exercise

This never really feels like exercise especially for the kids when you’re having this much fun on board. Try this together: 15 squats, 10 pushups, 5 burpees (with a jump and don’t fall!), 20 lay down prone paddle strokes, 10 crunches and a 15 second plank. Modify as needed, repeat if you want to, but see who can do it the fastest…then end it with a big jump into the water!

R - Relax

You can just paddle and let time pass you by or feel free to lay down on the board, look up into the sky, watch the sun go behind the clouds, drift away…together. Share a story, listen, enjoy and remember that time when you were relaxed and 100% present.

D – Dance

You’ve paddled out, no one is watching, have a little dance out at sea. Be silly with each other, your kids love when you’re funny (ie. doing a silly DANCE)! Music or singing is optional, just get moving! You know they’ll get a kick out of it.

A - Acrobatics

A cannonball wouldn’t necessarily be considered an acrobatic trick, but it will do! Or perhaps you can use your SUP as a platform for many other SUPer stunts. A headstand challenge, a backwards flip, stand up on Dad’s shoulders? What about a board 2 board jump or a dock run onto a moving board. You get the point and most likely YES you will fall, make it a good one.

D - Dive (or Snorkel)

Grab some fins, your snorkels or just go al natural and use your SUP to free dive from. Paddle out together and enjoy heading under the surface to discover what’s below. Hopefully it’s plenty of beautiful fish, colorful coral and NO Sharks!

Happy Paddling!

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Photo Credit: James Sullivan