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Join the Family and get 15% OFF Your First Order


United in SUPport

We’ve stand up paddled across the globe and have met amazing people who love to SUP just as much as we do in every place we've been. Wanting to unite paddlers around the world and do so through a global community effort that would make a difference in the lives of others, Live Love SUP, the brand, was born. In 2012 we kicked off Live Love SUP supporting a charity project, charity: water through the Live Love SUP wristband - to provide a fundraising platform that gives clean water to those in need. We continue to provide support for SUP events, charities, program and always looking at ways to partner to reach more paddlers and make a difference in the lives of others. 

 We Give 10% of Net Profits to charity:water

The original Live Love SUP wristband

In thinking of ways to not only unite paddlers, but also to make a difference we created the Live Love SUP wristband. Through the sale of each wristband, $2.50 has gone towards our fundraising efforts with charity:water. Since 2012 we have donated to our charity of choice charity: water showing our commitment to making a difference in providing clean drinking water to the 800 million who don't have access. 


We sold thousands of wristband to paddlers around the world and are so grateful for the support of of the SUP global community in making a difference in the lives of others. We also hosted SUP events and fundraised directly on our Live Love SUP charity: water page and have been able to give $14000 to 10 clean water projects.


We have continued our commitment to charity:water and you can always donate to our current project here.

Donate now to Live Love SUP Charity Water Current Project

Charity SUP events and other fundraising efforts

We love to support SUP communities and have not only created our own events including the 24 hour Live Love SUP relay for clean water across the globe, SUP fun challenge events battling childhood leukemia, but have also helped to show our support for events around the world. While we might not be able to part take in your future charity event we have been able to provide Live Love SUP swag and prizes for many clubs, schools and business who are doing their part to give back. We also welcome ideas and ways that we can work together in the future to make a bigger difference in the world! Email us at if you're keen to discuss how we might be able to work together to do this!


Event sponsorship and Live Love SUP Branded Swag Donations

If you have an upcoming event and are looking for potential donations from SUP brands and businesses, please reach out and let us know how we might be able to help. While we do have a lot of request to get involved in events across the globe and we also wish we could be involved (including attending!), it's not always possible. However, pleas still get in touch and hope we can offer to partner in one way or another!