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Our Brand Family


Our Customers

We love our customers and Live Love SUP wouldn't be possible without you! Our Customers come from all over the world, speak many different languages, paddle on different bodies of water, but everyone shares the same passion for SUP. Remember to tag us on your social photos and we'll ping you with a 20% Off Discount Code for your next purchase! Easy as that!

Our Brand Ambassadors

Our Brand Ambassadors have been chosen! Welcome Basti from Germany and Kat from Florida - read more about our Live Love SUP Ambassadors here

Our Brand SUPer Reps

You love to SUP, you embody Live Love SUP because you know it's more than just a board and a paddle. Our Brand SUPer Reps are out on the water sharing the love for the sport and helping to grow Live Love SUP in all areas of the world. Email us to find more about our Live Love SUP SUPer Reps program

Our Brand Partners

We continue to work together with amazing individuals who are running SUP related companies and businesses that continue to grow the sport. In the past these individuals were our Brand Ambassadors and we have recently created brand partners to better help promote their companies and work together to share the love for SUP. If you are a passionate paddlers and have a SUP company let's chat about how we can help each other!

Our Community Contributors

If you a keen stand up paddlers and have SUPer skills in generating content through media, writing, etc. and want to join the family through SUPer contributions to our website, blog or on social please reach out, we'd love to hear from you. You might be taking a SUP adventure and documenting it, we'd love to be apart. Or perhaps a charity fundraiser for a great cause.

We can't be everywhere but we do have a passionate Live Love SUP Brand Family around the world that have been sharing their love for years now. These are folks who are moving our sport forward, live the SUP lifestyle day in and day out and giving back to their local SUP community in amazing ways.



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