For many paddlers in the north lake and rivers have thawed, spring is here and that means paddle season has begun! Before you know it summer will be here and longer days means a lot more time to get out and paddle. As we kick off the 2018 SUP season, Live Love SUP has teamed up with talented graphic designer and illustrator, Trey Ingram of Atlantic Ink Crew offering new Live Love SUP designs.

Check out our new “It’s More Than Just a Board and a Paddle” design and watch out for our new monthly blog post that will be featuring stories of paddlers from around the world where SUP is so much more than the equipment we ride! We share their stories.

We have a put a twist on our original logo with a handwritten typography from Trey that we absolutely love and added a bit of gold to our paddle for our women’s gold paddle shirt is a winner on and off the water.

Summer time in the US is full of patriotic celebrations from Memorial Day to July 4th holiday and we’re excited with our USA SUP Flag tee, the Live Love SUP version of the Stars and Stripes, you decide which way you like it. Whatever design you choose, if you SUP, be sure to show you’re pride on the water with our new collection.