Joining the #liveloevsup family from Hamburg Germany, welcome Sebastian (Basti) Graeber! We're excited to have him join us as we continue to spread the SUP stoke worldwide and he definitely knows "It's More Than Just a Board and a Paddle" - now it's time to meet Basti!

Where do you live?

Großhansdorf (Next to Hamburg)

How long have you been paddling?

Since 2010, for 8 years.

Tell us about your first experience on a SUP? What got you hooked?!

The incredible feeling of standing on the water as well as the completely different view to look at things in any kind of way.

Sebastian Graeber Live Love SUP T-shirt - Stand Up Paddle Brand Ambassador

Where's your favorite local place to paddle?

Alster and the channels of Hamburg.

What do you most like about SUP?

The vibe, the community and the feeling of freedom.

Tell us some places on your SUP bucket list? Any future SUP travels on the calendar?

Bucket list, Hawaii and Tahiti for sure and already on my calendar, New York City!

What does Live Love SUP mean to you?

Live the Love for our sport and spread it out to the universe ;) Happy to found likeminded people that support what I love.

You both race; tell us about your training? And what do you recommend to any first timers looking at taking part in their first race?

No racing without fun! Stay always happy and positive during a race, it will bring you much further. Positive mindset! You will gain race experience with every heat and every race you do, so sign up for every event. Doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small event. Don’t expect to be perfect in the beginning. The hardest training can’t replace race experience. In my first big contest year I did heaps of mistakes but without those, you wouldn’t come further. Practice like a maniac to be good with buoy turns, left and right and be quick like a cat on the board. Just try to learn to be stable and balanced and try not to fall! Other competitors will fall of their board during a race; this is will be your chance! Be patient, success will come if you follow these few tips.

Live Love SUP - Stand Up Paddle Hamburg Brand Ambassador Sebastian Graeber

What's your favorite of the water activity?

I have to say training in any kind of way and spending time with my girlfriend.

What's your favorite pre/post paddle snack or meal?

Loads of bananas!

Any must have on the water when you SUP besides your board and paddle?

No, just me the board and paddle. A boardshort wouldn’t be bad ;)

What do you do when you're not paddling? What's your day job?

Application Manager (IT)

Where do you see the future of SUP heading?

Inflatables will rule the world but racing with a big board under my feet will always be my first choice.

What was your first SUP board? What board do you ride now?

First Board, a Naish 12.6x30 something with windsurf sail adapter. Now I ride a 14x23 SIC Maui RS.

Live Love SUP Tank Top German Stand Up paddle - Hamburge

Tell us more!? Anything else to share?

Live Love SUP, now!