Our entire USA SUP Flag Collection is on SALE! 20% off when you use the coupon code: Remember20 from May 26-May 30

Thank you to the bravery of all of those who have served and all of those who are remembered each and every day. Show your USA pride with our special USA SUP Flag shirt - our take on the stars and stripes for your SUP Fans.

Also, don't be confused! Yes, you might have seen this shirt launch last summer as we did a test run to see the interest. We were stoked when we realized this was a hit! However after selling our first batch of shirts with our SUP Flag positioned the way we did, we were informed by a few servicemen that we had positioned the flag backwards!

Of course, there was no intent in showing any disrespect and were truly grateful to shoe who let us know. Thank you Green Fin Paddle Co for the heads up and we're happy to let you all know that our design has been re-printed and now is offered with the Stars (our Fins) in the upper left hand corner, the way it should be!